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DJenkins-BioPICAs a former site coordinator for Harvard Graduate School of Education, I had the opportunity to work with educators in helping them put their best foot forward in classroom performance. My experience taught me that teacher performance means nothing without students who understand how to modify their behavior for academic excellence. As a result, many educators are putting their best foot forward, but students are delaying their best efforts due to dysfunctional behavior.

Educators are not the lone rangers in putting their best foot forward! Many parents are exhausting their resources to make sure kids have the best. Mentors and coaches are spending countless hours pouring their heart out to kids who struggle to break the cycle of compromising wisdom and warnings for senseless drama.

New breed of mentors

It appears that each generation gets worse with time and many adults are growing weary seeing the decline in youthful excellence. It seems like kids are becoming immune to motivation speeches and religious do’s and don’ts, which leave adults wondering what to do. The question for the twenty-first century is, how can we inspire a new breed of youth who understand the importance of building a bridge for their future?

There are many factors for dysfunctional behaviors among youth, but one of the most overlooked causes is purpose related. Today’s youth suffer from a severe case of Purpose Deficit Disorders™. Unfortunately, parents, teachers, ministers, mentors and coaches are not skilled in helping kids overcome this disease that is robbing today’s youth from a promising future. This condition cannot be treated with medication, and even pop psychology is limited in providing answers for Purpose Deficit Disorders™.

In spite the arguments on solutions, our society is in desperate need of a new breed of mentors who are skilled in providing purpose-oriented solutions to help youth overcome this flaw in the human soul.

Purpose to the rescue

Today’s mentors must understand that without purpose, students will increase the risk of abusive behaviors. However, when purpose plays a major role in character development, it creates responsible attitudes and behaviors for one’s actions. Fred Lawrence, Senior Research Scholar and visiting Professor of Law at Yale Law School stated,

…the fundamental force in our lives, the drive to find purpose, is also the fundamental force in successful marketing and ultimately in a successful business – but only if we can find a way to harness that force and direct it.

When kids cannot harness and direct the energy of purpose, by default, they will breed grounds for bad behavior. The Character K.I.N.G.™ Coaching System was designed on the premise that bad behavior is the product of a misguided purpose, and a misguided purpose stems from a limited scope of the role that purpose plays in youth decisions. It is a systematic approach for assisting youth in finding purpose-oriented solutions for modifying their behavior.

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Missing Component For Youth Development:

The Character K.I.N.G.™ Coaching System is the only behavior modification system that addresses Purpose Deficit Disorders™. This is a major contributor in undermining youth development and requires expert training on how to incorporate these strategies into youth development.

It is a radical departure from traditional personal development due to Purpose Development™ strategies that serve as a resource for mending breaches that inspire a lifestyle change. One of its most unique components is identifying significant threats for embarrassment in order to activate personal responsibility for modifying behavior.

It is where two schools of thoughts merge to affect change among today’s youth. The first thought is from the infamous dictator Adolf Hitler who stated, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future”. In spite his devious intents, this statement is full of truth we must embrace. The second thought is from the civil rights activist W. E. B. Du Bois who stated, “The Talented Tenth of the Negro race must be made of leaders of thought and missionaries of culture among their people”.

The Character K.I.N.G.™ Coaching System is not a race specific program. It is Hitlers’ philosophy in reverse, and Du Bois philosophy in a twenty-first century context. The missing component for mentoring youth is trying to get kids to buy in to good behavior without getting them to buy in to a culture. It is not our job to be puppet-masters like leaders in Hitler camps. However, we must become missionaries for building a more enticing culture. Mentors must become thought-leaders who inspire youth with purpose-oriented solutions for building value that leads to better behavior, and taking ownership for the future.

The Character K.I.N.G.™ Coaching System is:

  • The catalyst for inspiring a new breed of mentors who are skilled in building a culture that speaks to the purpose of today’s youth
  • The key to transferring ownership for building a bridge for the future
  • A resource for providing education on how to minimize Purpose Deficit Disorders™
  • A systematic approach for disrupting daily routines with solutions that modifies behavior
  • An enticing alternative for an “Avatar” crazed gaming generation
  • A system that mobilizes youth to become advocates for change
  • A systematic approach for helping youth to avoid being a product of their environment
  • A character conditioning system that use purpose-oriented solutions to empower youth to live from a position of strength
  • A vivid picture of what it means to live a life without and with purpose

Live Character K.I.N.G.™ Presentation & Testimonials:


Opening Talk

Your training takes into consideration that kids will buy into a culture before they buy into warnings about their culture. Click on the audio player below to hear the master work his 20,000 plus hours of Purpose Development wisdom to ignite kids passion for buying into a culture that empowers them to take charge of their future.

Closing Talk

The Character K.I.N.G.™ Coaching System is designed to give you skills on the front-end to build a culture that kids want to be a apart of so you can spend very little time introducing a system that will bring better results than any amount advice. Listen to how the master roll out this powerful tool.

Student Testimonials:

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Program Details:

Today’s youth live in a culture that’s strategic in undermining the purpose of a generation. Nothing prepares you to help modify youth behavior like the six hours of Character K.I.N.G.™ Coaching. Download your training manual with detailed instructions on how to engage kids in a proprietary strategy to help them gain points for real world success.

Kids will discover how to:

  • Leverage the fastest and most efficient way to get back in touch with reality
  • Build more value for education
  • Fine-tune daily routines for a purposeful future
  • Use the most powerful behavior modification instruments in the world
  • Be more strategic in creating new patterns of purpose
  • Build an affinity for good advice from parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors
  • Become advocates for behavior modification


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The Character K.I.N.G. Coaching System can be implemented in a variety of formats:

  • Group coaching session for parents, coaches, and mentors
  • Bring Mr. Jenkins in as a keynote speaker
  • One-on-one coaching for your child
  • Online self-paced training

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