Why Work With Donald?

DJenkins-BioPICEvery coach has unique programs with promises for better results in the quest for success. In many cases, it’s the same human development and growth strategies that’s repackaged for market appeal.

The last thing I want to do is waste your time with personal development strategies that lead to the same results. We live in a culture where the quest for success requires new patterns of purpose to move the needle for change.

Purpose is the primary source for achievement, and if you are going to achieve anything significant, you must start with purpose.  Traditional life coaching is great when it comes to planting seeds of purpose, but incapable of helping you to succeed by design.

Working with me is not about my affiliation with a certifying organization, or high-profile personalities to boost my brand. When you hire me as your coach, you will come face-to-face with disruptive coaching strategies that will help you live life on the terms of a champion. Your champion instincts begins with harvesting the energy of purpose. My main concern is making sure you have the most innovative coaching strategies to leverage the power of purpose in your quest to leave your mark in the world.

Don’t throw away your money

If you are looking for the most value-added coaching investment on the market, listen to the short audio below to discover why you need to hire me as your Purpose Development Coach.


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