Sales Coach

Personal and spiritual growth circles are poised for a disruptive solution to help the world solve the meaning crisis that’s wreaking havoc on the human soul. Leaders in thought and spiritual growth professionals continue to push the same messages with very little changes in the way people condition their character for a greater purpose. As a result, people are growing weary of empty success secrets that fail to feed their appetite for purpose, and the lack of insight for transforming faith into an action plan for purpose.

After more than 20,000 hours of mastering and modeling purpose-oriented solutions for advancing the purpose of the human soul, I’m humbled to introduce my Purpose Development Sales Coaching system.

Three Important Certificates In Life

The Purpose Development industry is poised to turn the personal and spiritual growth industry on its end. Playing the game of life is more than success motivation, life-coaching, and church attendance. It consist of three important certificates that validate your impact during the course of your life.

  1. Birth Certificate: Confirms you were given the opportunity to play the game of life
  2. Purpose Certificate: Confirms your commitment to making the most of the opportunity to play the game of life
  3. Death Certificate: Confirms you will be given the opportunity to answer for what you did in the game of life

Your impact in life is measured in how well you harvest the energy of purpose to manage your time between birth and death. Personal growth circles attempt to help you unlock potential, and spiritual growth circles are a catalyst for faith. However, neither circles are prepared to help you overcome Purpose Deficit Disorder™, which undermines potential and destroys faith.

Join the crusade!

The greatest way to serve the needs of humanity is to restore a sense of purpose to the world. Now you can change the way the world see purpose by joining the crusade of helping people unlock their Inner Champion™.

  • Earning a Purpose Certificate will put you and your clients on the cutting-edge of solving the meaning crisis in the world
  • Not only will you seize the opportunity to play the game of life, you will master hidden secrets to advance the purpose of the human soul and play the game of life like a champion
  • Never again confine your success to the limitations of playing the game of life with traditional success motivation and faith strategies
  • Master skills on how to sharpen your instincts to rewrite the codes for increasing personal net worth, and build better safeguards for preserving your faith

Earn while you learn

Purpose Development is an innovative solution that challenge the status quo in personal and spiritual growth circles. It’s a masterful use of unique systems and strategies that leverage the sophistication of the human soul for increasing net worth. Becoming a sales coach allows you to engage with my cutting-edge coaching strategies while earning a generous part-time income. Earn between $75 & $135 per presentation as you expose the people you know with my simple and proven sales technique that reveals the need for earning the Purpose Certificate.

For only $297.00 your sales kit will include:

  • A graphic rich sales manual to help you close your clients without much effort
  • A highly insightful audio training to walk you through my 6 Steps To Profit From Helping People Live Their Best Life
  • Eleven CDs with coaching manual to train you on the most innovative coaching solution for personal and spiritual growth
  • One 53 page “How to Become Who You Are By 50” book that’s guaranteed to be one of the most insightful books you will ever read on purpose

The cost for one-on-one coaching to learn my sales strategy and unlock your Inner Champion would be almost $5000, but you can become a sales coach and earn while you learn for $297.00

$315 after shipping and handling
(Limited time offer)