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When God send your soulmate, there’s a 100% chance the person was sent on purpose. Unfortunately millions of singles jump into relationships without being savvy in determining what role purpose plays in expressing their love. Not having an action-plan for purpose is a recipe for failure! 

Don’t under estimate the power of purpose when it comes to finding love.

Are you ready to discover how to:

  • Navigate social media to increase your dating visibility
  • Condition your character for massive dating success
  • Engineer a relationship that cannot fail
  • Never compromise your purpose while dating
  • Find the true meaning of a soulmate
  • Enhance your personal brand to attract the right person
  • Mature your love beyond chemistry
  • Develop 360 Degrees of Purpose™ to avoid a broken heart
  • Develop a healthy Purpose Lifestyle Balance™
  • Clarify your purpose in order to make better decisions
  • Skillfully execute your role in a relationship
  • Build confidence for online and offline dating
  • Recognize collaboration clues in dating
  • Ask the right purpose related questions before marriage
  • Master Purpose-oriented Solutions™ for dating challenges

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Check back to see how my wife and I are helping couples transform their marriage license into a license to build.


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