PurposeFit™ Soul

The PurposeFit™ Soul training is the #1 most needed training resources for believers who realize the importance of escaping an Institutionalized Purpose™.

Institutionalized Purpose™

Without your consent, you are an intricate part of institutions that limit your ability to build the Value of Purpose™ for your life. An Institutionalized Purpose™ exist when people within an institution are confined to building the Value of Purpose™ at the rate of the institution. The sad part is that if you fail to build the Value of Purpose™, you will struggle to feed one of the most important appetites of the human soul – the appetite for purpose.

Missing out!

Harvard business expert Nikos Mourkogiannis stated, “Purpose is the primary source for achievement”. Unfortunately, many people rely on institutions to feed their appetite for purpose, but the institutions listed above are lean in purpose. As a result, individuals miss out on one of the most important growth potential known to humanity and come short in living on the cutting-edge of their design potential.

Discover what success motivation gurus will never tell you and spiritual growth leaders need to tell you!

The PurposeFit™ Soul mini-course is guaranteed to become one of the most important resources in your library. It’s an experience in personal and spiritual growth that will prepare you for living your best life unlike any seminar, conference, or church affiliation. Invest in the only course in the world that addresses the most destructive force in personal and spiritual growth – Purpose Deficit Disorders™.

Don’t let 4-1/2 hours stand between you and everything you want in life. Transform your smartphone into a classroom for 0utsmarting schemes that undermine the peak performance of your soul. Get immediate access after you remit your payment. What are you waiting for?


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