PurposeFit™ Soul Bootcamp

The PurposeFit™ Soul Boot-camp is not an attempt to invite myself to your Church, but an invitation for your Church to fully-discharge its purpose in an unsaved world.



PurposeFit™ Soul Boot-camp is the #1 most needed resource for the Church. It takes into consideration that the human soul has three “Can do” factors:

  1. It can be inspired
  2. It can be saved
  3. It can harvest the energy of purpose

The church has done a great job inspiring the soul with powerful messages, and leading the world to embrace the power of salvation through Jesus Christ. However, harvesting the energy of purpose is a critical component in making disciples, but believers are still looking for purpose like a lost set of keys.

Jesus never came to look for purpose! He was a master at hacking purpose, so don’t you think it’s time to make harvesting the energy of purpose a part of the conversation for ministry? 

What about Purpose Deficit Disorders™?

The church is in the business of saving souls, and ministry leaders must realize that without harvesting the energy of purpose, believers increase the risk of fellow-shipping with the unfruitful works of darkness. Leaders must embrace the fact that a PurposeFit™ Soul is just as important as a saved soul. When individuals forfeit the soul’s ability to build the Value of Purpose™, they will increase the risk of Purpose Deficit Disorders™ (PDD). PDD will undermine the best efforts for making disciples. Instead of believers being transformed by the renewing of their mind, the forces of darkness will exploit weaknesses in purpose to coerce believers to conform to schemes that soften the impact of the church in the world.

PurposeFit™ Soul to the Rescue

When believers are PurposeFit™, they will be more inclined to surrender their ability to yield to worldly schemes over to wisdom that lead to a higher purpose. The PurposeFit™ Soul Bootcamp is a four-hour intensive to accelerate the awareness of the hidden growth potential of the soul.

It’s designed to help believers:

  • Refresh and sustain their commitment for coming to church
  • Avoid repenting without repurposing
  • Transition from looking for purpose like a lost set of keys, to hacking purpose for Meaningful Excellence™
  • Use purpose to condition their character to appeal to an unsaved audience
  • Create a cutting-edge action-plan for solving the meaning crisis in the world
  • Fine-tune their quest to fully-discharge their purpose
  • Become high-performing doers of God’s word
  • Build an impenetrable reputation for being citizens of God’s Kingdom
  • Build a long-term commitment for revival
  • Finalize their fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness
  • Overcome the most destructive force against personal and spiritual growth
  • Mature their praise beyond what God has done
  • And so much more…

If you are tired of simply having church and ready to position your church to be on the leading-edge of helping the world solve its meaning crisis, click on the button below and schedule your boot-camp now!!!  

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Find out for yourself!

The PurposeFit™ Soul mini-course is guaranteed to become one of the most important resources in your library. The ministry leader edition addresses the importance of a PurposeFit™ Soul in light of five-fold ministry roles.

This course will allow you to discover what it means to fully-discharge your role as a ministry leader, and pave a new path for growth potential to emerge in your ministry. More importantly, you will understand how Purpose Deficit Disorders™ hinder your growth as a leader so you can create an action-plan to help believers minimize the most destructive force for personal and spiritual growth. Download manual with detailed illustrations & password to access online content after you remit payment.


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