New Breed of Achievers


The new net worth

In a recent post, reported that the Federal Reserve announced that the US household net worth reached a new record high toward the end of 2014. Although great news, the harsh reality is that the American culture continues to bankrupt the human soul at an alarming rate. If measures are not taken to redefine net worth beyond material assets, we will continue to witness the demise of the human race.

We need a new breed of achievers who understand that defining net worth is more sophisticated than simply what’s owned minus what’s owed. The new net worth includes the formula for net worth, but it’s multiplied by Purpose Capital™, which is the ability to drive achievement through Meaningful Excellence™.

Purpose Capital™:

  • Allows you to enable the world to live more amply and with greater vision.
  • Forges hope within the human spirit and prepares the soul for personal and professional achievement.
  • Allows you to enrich the world with your gifts and talents.
  • Is the key to transforming human capital into a valued resource.
  • Is the missing component in the formula for net worth.
  • Will break old habits that prevent change so you can create new patterns of purpose.

The PurposeFit™ Soul Believers Edition

Purpose Capital™ takes into consideration that the human soul has three “Can do” factors:

  1. It can be inspired
  2. It can be saved
  3. It can harvest the energy of purpose

The Church has done a great job inspiring the soul with powerful messages, and leading the world to embrace the power of salvation though Jesus Christ. However, harvesting the energy of purpose is a critical component in making disciples who embrace the peak performance of the human soul. It’s the catalyst for discovering new growth potential within the human soul that build’s an unshakable bridge between faith and marketplace success.

Unlocking Your Inner Champion

Many people spend a lifetime investing in things that does not contribute to their purpose. They never consider once that investing in purpose is the least expensive, but most valuable educations they can receive. History has proven that all great CEO’s have a strong sense of purpose. Your members might not be running a multi-billion dollar organization, but they are the CEO of their life.

Nikos Mourkogiannis, Harvard business expert stated,

I believe that Purpose turns out to be the quality that CEO’s most need in order to do their jobs well. Purpose is what they look for in the executives that succeed them. Purpose is the difference between good and great, between honorable success and legendary performance, between fifteen minutes of fame and a legacy.

The Unlocking Your Inner Champion™ course is the only course in the world designed to educate individuals on how to build the parameters of purpose around the soul. It introduces believers to a unique system to help them overcome Purpose Deficit Disorders™, which is the most destructive force in human development and growth. This is an online course includes seven and a half hours of training with quizzes to help members master practical strategies for fully-discharge their purpose. At the completion, they will be allowed to download and showcase their Purpose Certificate to confirm their commitment to making the most out of the game of life. (Online course only available for investment option one)

Investment Option 2 will empower leaders who can teach both the PurposeFit™ Soul course and the Unlocking Your Inner Champion course in an instructor lead format. At the completion of the course, each member will receive a Purpose Certificate which is one of the most important certificates in the game of life.

The last thing you want is for your members to live life without a Purpose Certificate:

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