DJenkins-BioPICHello, my name is Donald Jenkins and I’m the President and Co-Founder of the Purpose Development Institute in Atlanta, GA. My organization is a pioneer in purpose-oriented, human development, and growth strategies.

Over the years, I’ve spent well over 20,000 hours mastering and modeling purpose-oriented solutions for human development and growth. My journey made me realize that we live in a time where the relevancy of men is being challenged on every turn. If men fail to master skills on how to become meaningful, their impact in the marketplace, community, and their home will continue to be softened.

It’s true that a good education will help you to become marketable, but if you desire to leverage more opportunities, you must master skills on how to become meaningful. By doing so, you will rewrite the codes for achievement and create new opportunities to make an impact as a person and as a professional.


  • MANDEVELOPMENT is defined as men who are skilled in creating new patterns of purpose in order to break habits that undermine potential.
  • MANDEVELOPMENT is more than another men’s organization to rally men to do good in their community. It is a training and development initiative designed to challenge and inspire men to develop skills to unleash their greatest impact.
  • MANDEVELOPMENT not only help men supercharge their ability to achieve in their profession, it empowers them with purpose-oriented solutions to address challenges in their home and community.

Our weekly conference call initiative is held every Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. EDT. Join me as we create dialog on purpose-oriented solutions for manhood.

Clear your schedule and make sure you don’t miss this call!


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New Course

Purpose Development™ is one of the most neglected areas in mentoring. Most mentoring programs allude to purpose as marketable skills, but fail in helping mentors develop skills on how to use purpose to help mentees build a bridge for their future. As a result, mentees increase their awareness on how to become marketable, but struggle in discovering the intuitive side of purpose that moves the needle for change by rewriting the codes for achievement.

My MANDEVELOPMENT course is a radical departure from traditional mentorship. It takes into consideration that it’s difficult to rebrand younger males without repurposing older males to transfer skills that speak to the purpose of the younger generation. By doing so, mentors do not have to rely on their education, experience, and career to affect change, but transfer skills to help younger males create the change they desire.


In short, MANDEVLEOPMENT is a course to help men increase their skills on determining what role purpose plays in mentorship. When men mentor under the influence of a high Purpose IQ™, they help mentees:

  • Discover purpose as a role that must be modeled
  • Transition from being marketable to meaningful
  • Receive an education that contributes more towards success than traditional education
  • Clarify their decision-making skills with purpose-oriented solutions for manhood
  • Build a purposeful solution that bridges the gap between adolescent and adulthood
  • Develop skills to transition from crisis management to purpose management
  • Build an intrinsic value that inspires them to walk away from peer pressure
  • Optimize their gifts and talents to serve the world with a greater purpose
  • Condition their character to become the epicenter for change

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