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That’s right! Your story is more than your journey of how you made it to the top. It’s an asset that can be translated into a resource for fine-tuning your life for ongoing success, and helping others jumpstart their personal conviction and motivation to create their path to success.

All stories consist of three narratives in one:

  1. Events that lead to inspiration
  2. Events that lead to faith
  3. Events that lead to Purpose Capital™

If your story cannot inspire you, it will never inspire others. Somewhere along the way, life will force you to understand the role that faith plays in your quest to be successful. And lastly, your story is the sum total of the Purpose Capital™ you bring to the world. Many people have the first two on lock, but understanding how to transform their story into Purpose Capital™ remains a challenge. They might have a mission or purpose statement, but harvesting the energy of purpose remains a frontier they have not conquered.

More sophisticated than a statement

I commend you for crafting a mission/purpose statement. If you haven’t, I suggest you get to writing one, but understand that having a statement is only the beginning of harvesting the energy of purpose. Many people use their story to galvanize emotions for success, but the biggest takeaways from your story is more than emotions. It’s the ability to produce ongoing Purpose Capital™, and activate skills to move others to take action for where they desire to go in life. Your story is the product of purpose, and your impact in life is measured in how well you decode your life for a higher purpose. Life consist of connected events that present opportunities to harvest the energy of purpose. Like all forms of energy requiring systems to harness it’s power, the energy of purpose is no different. Fred Lawrence, Senior Research Scholar at Yale Law school alluded to harvesting the energy of purpose when he stated

…the fundamental force in our lives, the drive to find purpose, is also the fundamental force in successful marketing and ultimately in a successful business – but only if we can find a way to harness that force and direct it.

Unfortunately, billions of people are aware of purpose on a simple level, but clueless on how to harness and direct the energy of purpose to complete the third narrative of their story. They experience a measure of success, but fail to crack the Master Purpose Code™. As a result, there are levels of success they fail to reach, due to the lack of systems and strategies to increase the role purpose plays in the game of life.

Not your typical mastermind

Recently, I was accepted into Forbes Coaches Council, which consist of an elite group of coaches from around the world. I’m humbled to be a part of this dynamic community, but more importantly, provide solutions to help people decode their personal and professional life for a higher purpose. Regardless the profession, the demand for gifts and talents have shifted from what you do to earn a living, to what you do to make a difference in the world. Most coaches use a mind over matter approach for reaching goals, but the Hacking Purpose™ Mastermind is a purpose over mind solution for not only achieving goals, but L.I.V.E. (Life-Impact-Value-Energy) from a place of strength.

Life, Impact, Value, and Energy are critical components for making life count and achieving goals.

Traditional coaching examines how goals drive activities, but the Hacking Purpose™ Mastermind examines how Life, Impact, Value, and Energy is processed within the human soul to produce Purpose Capital™, and cause dreams to leap into reality. When purpose is master over the mind, you will remove barriers to make:


The Hacking Purpose™ Mastermind is a collaborative group for creating action-plans for transforming your story into Purpose Capital™. When you master skills to produce Purpose Capital™, your Super Identity™ will become an active participant in helping you play the game of life at new levels. This twelve month intensive takes into consideration that if you fail to master skills for empowering purpose to be master over your mind, you will struggle decoding your environment for a higher purpose. When your environment cannot be decoded for a higher purpose, it will increase the risk of not being able to add value to the world.

Joining a Hacking Purpose™ Mastermind

Purpose is the game of champions. Only strong-minded men and women – adults with powerful intellects and real character and spines of steel – are suited for it. – Nikos Mourkogiannis, Harvard Business Expert

When you join a Hacking Purpose™ Mastermind, you participate in a Coaching Brainstorm™, which is a proprietary approach to producing team synergy that increases your ownership and commitment to decode life for a higher purpose. It increases your Purpose IQ™ and causes your Super Identity™ to become an active participant in what you do and become. Your twelve month intensive is designed to expand your intellect, and strengthen your core functions to convert the process that lead to purpose, into a strategy for Success by Design™.

The Hacking Purpose™ Life workbook is personal growth on another level, and the best investment in unlocking hidden potential. However, the Hacking Purpose ™ Mastermind allows you to share in a unique group experience to create an action-plan to complete the third narrative of your story.

Out of all the success motivation and spiritual growth books I’ve read in my lifetime, the insight in this workbook has radically changed my life. Completing the third narrative of my life empowers me to empower my spouse and kids at levels that was not accessible. It has positioned me to impact more people, and do more business in the next phase of my life than I did in the last thirty years. I know what it means to sustain inspiration for longer periods, and never compromise the integrity of my faith.

You don’t want to miss this unique shared experience that gives you the opportunity to formulate your action-plan with a group of individuals who will become your partners in transforming your story into Purpose Capital™.

I’ve worked hard to create a unique mastermind experience that provide:

  • Expert guidance in transforming your world into a classroom, so you can come to the front of the room and give an accurate report on purpose
  • An opportunity to interact with peers who understand the value of giving an accurate report on purpose
  • Synergy for activating your ability to hack purpose for Meaningful Excellence™
  • Solutions for formulating a strategy for raising your Purpose IQ™
  • Personal insight on how to transform the complexity of life into three simple steps for optimizing your sense of purpose
  • An opportunity to use my personal experiences on how I kept my engine in top running condition, to service your engine when times are challenging
  • An environment where you can activate your Super Identity™ to create new models for living like you mean it
  • The blueprint to scale your appetite for purpose beyond barriers that hinder potential
  • Real life solutions on how to discover the real passion behind your gifts and talents

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life or career, the Hacking Purpose™ Mastermind will challenge you to tap into hidden potential you never knew existed.

Starting January 2018

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