America is a leader in thought and faith solutions but somehow we have failed to master skills on how to harness and direct the energy of purpose to reform our country. Success motivation leaders scream goals and potential on one end of the spectrum, and spiritual leaders preach faith on the other end. In spite the great inspirational and motivational messages, our country is still suffering from a severe case of design apathy. Millions are chasing success without giving any thought that their check engine light is on.

Massive Engine Failure

Case in point is an article published by the Centre for Research on Globalization. It’s titled, The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery. America has become a leader in technology and business innovation, but fallen behind in human development and growth. Our country boast some of the biggest names in success motivation and faith, but remain one of the most dysfunctional nations on the planet. This is due to massive engine failure among citizens who lack skills on how to harness and direct the energy of purpose.

The Prison Industrial Complex is just one example among many on how American citizens lack these skills. Our country make up only 5% of the world’s population, but boast 25% of the world’s prison population. America has locked up more people than any country on the planet, including China whose population is five times greater than than ours.

ENGINE WORK™ is not an attempt to highlight racial injustices in America, but expose the need for systems and strategies to harness and direct the energy of purpose. No longer can we settle for success motivation strategies that does not unlock our design potential. Neither can we pursue a lifestyle of faith without improving our performance to transform spiritual truths into practical application. We must heed the advice of Fredrick Lawrence, Senior Research Scholar in Law at Yale Law School,

…the fundamental force in our lives, the drive to find a purpose, is also the fundamental force in successful marketing and ultimately in a successful business – but only if we can find a way to harness that force and direct it.

The human soul is the most sophisticated masterpiece in the universe. It was designed to provide a systematic flow of purpose to improve the quality of living on planet earth. However, individuals are plagued with existence and performance hindering barriers that causes them to live and perform beneath their design potential.

Don’t you think it’s time to stop expecting superior performance without expert service to unlock your design potential?

engineworklogopicDJenkins-BioPICThere are many great success motivation and faith leaders in the world, but when it comes to servicing the engine that drives who you are as a person, you need expert help! It doesn’t make sense to drive your car for extended periods without service, and it is not advised to drive down the road of life without fine-tuning your impact to leave your mark in the world.

Don’t trust your ENGINE WORK™ to someone whose not qualified to help you remain on the cutting-edge of your design potential. Let me help you join the ranks of a New Breed of Achievers™ who are skilled in not only knowing their purpose, but harvesting its potential for breakthrough success.

  • Discover one of the most thought-provoking strategies to unlock your design potential like never before.
  • Embrace insight that will contribute more toward your success than any degree you will receive.
  • Cultivate disruptive solutions that’s not discussed in success motivation and spiritual growth circles.

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