Diverse University™

Welcome to the D.I.V.E.R.S.E. University™ where we are helping organizations transform diversity policies into a purpose. Make sure you listen to The 3 Reasons To Enroll In The D.I.V.E.R.S.E. University™.

Most diversity programs can be compared to digging for gold without knowing what it looks like. They focus on what make people different instead of using what they inherently have in common to build a bridge over their differences. The missing link in diversity policies is having conversations about diversity while exploring the role that purpose plays in building intercultural competence.

Purpose is the diversity gold mine, but leaders must master skills on how to mine its potential among a diverse group of people. Diversity is the fruit of purpose and when leaders are not skilled with purpose-oriented solutions to disarm discriminatory biases, employees will struggle to move the organization forward.

Many training programs attempt to help employees make the diversity leap without expanding their capacity for purpose to take the leap. As a result, diversity training is viewed as a mandatory endurance test instead of an opportunity to be inspired for action beyond the classroom.

The D.I.V.E.R.S.E. University™ takes into consideration that it is difficult to reveal how different people are without a system to manage what they have in common. Purpose is a natural instinct and a common denominator for all people. It is the most powerful resource for helping a diverse group of people overcome  discriminatory biases, but systems and strategies must be in place to harvest its potential.

Unlike traditional training, the D.I.V.E.R.S.E. University™ provides an education in the systems and strategies that drives purpose as a resource for diversity. It is the path of least resistance to help employees build a community of interest beyond their differences. When purpose plays an active role in diversity, employees are inspired to transform differences into a significance beyond discriminatory biases.

Don’t you think it is time to help your employees elevate their Diversity Purpose IQ™ so they can take the diversity leap to move your organization forward? 

Don’t leave your employees grounded to training that does not speak to their appetite for purpose. Help them to discover hidden gold that leads to:

  • Elevating their Diversity Purpose IQ™
  • Transforming diversity policies into a diversity purpose
  • Building backbone to take the diversity leap
  • Becoming Purpose Fit™ in diversity matters
  • Building a Sustainable Purpose™ beyond the classroom
  • Repurposing their attitudes and behaviors for diversity success
  • Implementing a system to manage what they have in common
  • Becoming diversity advocates who are skilled in using their appetite for purpose to disarm discriminatory biases
  • Using their appetite for purpose to leap over barriers that hinder their existence and performance in the workplace

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