Church On Another Level

Why you need to read this White Paper!

For years White Papers have been used extensively in business as an authoritative report or guide to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. The White Paper concept has been repurposed for the church, and it addresses a major challenge that’s softening ministries influence to empower believers and reach the unsaved with the message of salvation. The human soul is a sophisticated masterpiece that can be inspired, saved, and harvest the energy of purpose. Success motivation gurus have mastered inspiration, and the church has built a reputation on both inspiration and salvation. However, both are lagging in systems and strategies for harvesting the energy of purpose, and in desperate need of upgrade!

According to the diffusion of innovation chart, John Maxwell describe laggards as individuals who are against change because their commitment is to the status quo or the past. Harvesting the energy of purpose is not a popular subject in church circles, but it’s the key to scaling the appetite for purpose beyond barriers that undermine potential. It plays a significant role in spiritual development and growth and cannot be overlooked. Finding Purpose is not a best practice for the church, because Hacking Purpose is the only solution that leads to Meaningful Excellence™.

Use this digital White Paper as a resource for understanding the risks of not helping believers harvest the energy of purpose. My prayer is that it open your eyes to the reality of having church on another level, so your church can become an active participant for restoring Meaningful Excellence™ to the soul.

For years, the church has built its reputation on God’s grace working to repair the fallen nature of the human soul. It remains the driving force behind the message of salvation, but the current meaning crisis in the world is compelling ministry leaders to expand their comfort zones and explore new frontiers of grace and purpose. If leaders desire to affect change in the twenty-first century, they must mobilize members to explore church on another level.

Important Note: Church on another level is defined as a body of believers who not only repent from sins, but embrace instructions for managing purpose to reflect what they believe. Managing purpose is critical for reaching the lost with the message of salvation because people are in a meaning crisis, and the church must be on the leading-edge of restoring a sense of purpose to the world. Even Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, sounded the purpose alarm in his commencement speech to the 2017 Harvard graduates by saying,

…the challenge for our generation is creating a world where everyone has a sense of purpose.

It’s amazing how Mr. Zuckerberg and other business giants are preparing to do business on a level that reflect the purpose of their brands, while the church is stuck on having church at a level that increases the risk of damaging the Christian brand.

Instead of solving the meaning crisis in the world, believers are stuck singing amazing grace without rejoicing in God’s outstanding purpose!

PROBLEM: The sleeping giant

The church has the potential to make a giant impact in the world, but without Meaningful Excellence™, the giant will remain asleep to one of the most important resources for impacting the world with the gospel of God’s Kingdom. This is the quality or state of being outstanding or extremely good at sustaining a strong sense of purpose under all circumstances. In fact, Jesus built his entire ministry on Meaningful Excellence™ while the church is immobilized trying to build a reputation that has very little to do with creating a world where everyone can have a sense of purpose.

A select few within local churches have a strong sense of purpose, but the majority are struggling to embrace its benefits. 

Important Note: The sleeping giant in the church is someone who is free through the blood of Jesus, but enslaved to a lifestyle without Meaningful Excellence™. Most ministry leaders are convinced that the ultimate goal of the church is to save souls, but they are asleep to the fact that the ultimate goal of the human soul is Meaningful Excellence™. As a result, they continue to plant seeds of purpose without equipping believers with skills to harvest the energy of purpose. The soul is fit for eternal life, but unfit for breathing life into a dead world.  

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MISSED OPPORTUNITIES: Managing purpose on two fronts:

There are basically two types of believers:

  1. Individuals who approach Christian living through trial and error
  2. Individuals who approach Christian living through Meaningful Excellence™

Without a formal education in purpose, your members will come short in manifesting the power of redemption through purpose, and they will increase the risk of compromising their faith in the marketplace. Instead of being doers of God’s word according to James 1:22, they will approach Christian living with a trial and error mentality, and miss critical opportunities to advance the message of the gospel.

Again, the human soul is a sophisticated masterpiece and it’s designed to manage purpose on two fronts. Meaningful Excellence™ is the bridge between the believers reality of the world, and the reality of God’s Kingdom.

Without it believers will struggle to:

  • Move the value of redemption beyond the four walls of the church
  • Scale their appetite for purpose beyond barriers that undermines potential

Instead of being champions in faith and marketplace success, they will struggle to build a world class purpose that can influence the world with innovative solutions for solving the meaning crisis.

SOLUTION: The ultimate discipleship experience

One of the most pressing discipleship realities is that believers can have a good church experience without an action-plan to combine grace and purpose. Unfortunately, it increases the risk of struggling to become the church that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 16:18. Building a church that can resist the gates of hell requires a high degree of purpose. If believers cannot open the door of purpose, they will struggle closing the door of their heart to sin. This is why I used my 20,000 plus hours of examining the soul’s ability to produce Meaningful Excellence™ to create the ultimate discipleship experience.

It exposes believers to the hidden growth potential of the soul so they can repent, repurpose, and follow instructions to manage purpose in a manner that reflect what they believe. All three make up the recipe for having church on another level, and should be the blueprint for transforming faith into an action-plan purpose. 

Mobilizing Members

A disciple is one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another. Discipleship is a process that immerse converts into a culture for the sake of mobilizing them to affect change within an opposing culture. For years, churches have attempted to affect change without creating a culture where faith can be transformed into an action-plan for purpose. Only to come short in helping the world solve the meaning crisis!

In order to mobilize members to spread the gospel of the kingdom at new levels, believers must master skills to help them stop using grace as a spiritual band-aid for their departure from purpose, and transform Meaningful Excellence™ into a strategy for new growth potential. Churches must prioritize an education in purpose as an essential function for twenty-first century ministry. God’s house must become an institution that breed believers who can make the grace and purpose connection, and achievers who can overcome Purpose Deficit Disorders™!

In case you haven’t noticed, the existing church model is divided and broken. Leaders have a choice to continue with ministry as usual, or transition to having church on another level with two cutting-edge solutions for rewriting the codes for discipleship. 

  • New Breed of Believers Track: addresses the issue of using grace as a spiritual band-aid for a departure from purpose
  • New Breed of Achievers Track: addresses the issue of Purpose Deficit Disorders™ undermining the hidden growth potential of the soul

Transform your church into a Purpose Management Center for building premium covenant relationships, and creating paths for optimal achievement

From building campaigns to a human capital campaign:

Below is a picture of the first African Baptist Church which represents a legacy that have withstood the test of time. However, the legacy of your church must be bigger than your building campaign.

Discover how your church can become a go-to resource for Meaningful Excellence™. For $1.00 a day, your members can help your church build a legacy that speaks louder than your building program. 

License Details:

Our proprietary two track license program will empower your members to have Meaningful Excellence™ on both the believer and achiever front

Your membership license will allow your church to:

  • Train unlimited leaders and members in our proprietary New Breed of Believers class
  • Be a go-to resource for building premium covenant relationships and creating paths for optimal success
  • Give members access to our private Believe & Achieve Facebook page
  • Participate in live quarterly coaching calls
  • Unlimited Master Coach email access for leaders
  • Exclusive member discounts on additional books and conferences
  • Marketing materials to mobilize your church for restoring a sense of purpose to your community

Bible college on a different level:

Christian education is more than a biblical expository to earn pedigrees for hanging on a wall. It also includes credentials for using purpose to bring the scriptures to life for real world applications. Being a member of our membership club will put them on the cutting-edge of human development and growth for both personal and marketplace success.

Annual membership license range from $300 – $750 depending on the size of your church. It will give members access to a catalog of courses for 50% off the regular monthly subscription. 

Designed to grow your church:

One of our member churches experienced a 100% increase in their Sunday morning empowerment class after the initial kickoff of the New Breed of Believers class. People are hungry for purpose and what better way to feed their appetite than with a resource to help them explore new frontiers of grace and purpose?


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Make sure you download the 58 Wisdom Keys FREE gift under the New Breed of Believers tab. It’s the product of 20,000 plus hours of cultivating wisdom that lead to systems and strategies to ignite the soul’s ability to produce Meaningful Excellence™. The 58 Wisdom Keys is the only resource in the world that reveals the synergy that can be created between grace and purpose.

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Investment Options:

Investing in purpose is the least expensive but most valuable educations in the free world. We’ve created two options so your team can choose what’s best for the budget of your church

Option 1 –  Annual membership:

Being a member church allows your church to pass on saving to your members that will allow them to access thousands of dollars of content at the fraction of the cost. Your church will incur a small annual license cost while the members pay a monthly subscription to access all course content. The church will still enjoy the benefits of the Certified Purpose Management Program training while giving members access to a wealth of insight on Purpose Development. Based on your church size, please select your annual membership level below. Monthly subscription for members will be processed on a separate page.

Less than 100: $300     Less than 500: $425     Less than 1000: $575    Above 1000: $750

Below 100     Below 500     Below 1000     Above 1000

Option 2 – Month-to-month membership:

Some churches decide to incur the bulk of the cost which is why option two might be the best choice. This option is a month-to-month annual commitment that the church pays. Of course you are advised to encourage members to give into this initiative but that’s an option you have to resolve with your team. The cost includes training an unlimited number of leaders to become Certified Purpose Management Instructors and give your church rights to issue New Breed of Believers Certificates and Purpose Certificates.

Less than 100: $497     Less than 500: $597     Less than 1000: $797    Above 1000: $1097

Below 100    Below 500    Below 1000    Above 1000