Before STAR WARS gave us the notion that a cosmic struggle between good and evil could rage in the deep regions of space, the battle between good and evil was raging deep within the human soul. Well before STAR WARS hit the silver screen, DIRT WARS was building its cast for one of the biggest war movies the world has ever seen. Like STAR WARS, this war has appeared on the silver screen time-and-time again. However, unlike the cyber fantasies of Hollywood, the reality of DIRT WARS claims real life casualties on a daily basis.

The Purpose Behind the Sale

Sales is one of the toughest professions in the world. When there’s a dip in a market, sales is the first reflection of consumer confidence, which make sales professionals the front-line troops to absorb the blows from market changes. If sales professionals are not influenced by a greater purpose, they will have a difficult time navigating the turbulent waters of a sales career. As a result, their income will experience lean times because their heart is lean on purpose. Unfortunately, when the heart of a sale’s professional is lean on purpose, it will undermine their ability to hustle.