Allegiance to the Purpose Behind the Flag

As a citizen of the U.S. and military veteran, I respect the concern for using the national anthem as an opportunity for protest. However, as a human being, I respect those who use their platform to challenge what the flag stands for. How is it that America have become so far removed from purpose that it fosters an environment of divisiveness? On one end of the spectrum, people are crying racial inequality, and on the other end are those who disguise their racial biases with patriotism. Some say we need intercultural competence, while others say we need love, peace, and unity. All are noble attempts to change the racial context of our country, but the biggest concern is the driving force that compels the human soul to divorce personal prejudices for the greater good of humanity.

The PurposeFit™ Soul

If you consider yourself to be saved according to faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, this blog is a critical read for you. If you have no faith in the works of Jesus Christ, this blog is critically important for you as well. The fact remains, in spite your beliefs in the second coming, or life after death, planet earth is your home. If you fail to deliver value for being on the planet – you will defeat the purpose for being here!

Sit Your Behind Down

A standing ovation is the crowning achievement for any speaker, and I’ve had the opportunity to experience both sides of the ovation fence. Both spiritual and business speakers have made me feel like I could run outside and scale a mountain. On the other hand, I know what it’s like to be on the platform and move an audience to their feet with elation. The athlete in me liken the experience to making the winning shot of a game. However, I’ve learned that the true measure of a successful speaker/coach, is not in bringing people to their feet, or inspiring them to think outside the box. The true measure of successful personal growth is hidden in making them sit down!