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A sales career is considered one of the hardest professions on the planet. Some people have a knack for sales, while others are either average, or cannot move the needle when it comes to being a bottom-line producer.

Regardless of where you are on the performance spectrum, I’m sure you will agree that sales can be a rewarding career that’s full of sweat equity from the grind of daily sales activity.

Social media and technology has changed the sales cycle dramatically. However, in spite the new tools, the demands from a sales career remains the same. As a result, sales professionals must master skills to maintain peak performance in the midst of high-pressure sales objectives.

Hustle is here to stay!

Even though customer engagement has changed dramatically, hustle is still the pathway to sales greatness.

In the words of digital strategist Ross Simmonds,

“Greatness only comes before hustle in the dictionary”.

If you are going to achieve anything significant as a sales professional, your ability to hustle must become a top priority. While many sales training focus on:


HustlePICHustle is something that everyone has, but only a few know how to harness its potential for breakthrough sales. They are the top producers with high earning potential and recognition for their efforts.

Unfortunately, many sales professionals are clueless on where to start when it comes to harnessing the power of hustling as a resource for sales. They fail to realize that with proper coaching, the art of hustling can be transformed into a business tool to optimize sales activity for peak performance.


Breakthrough Sales Coaching is a systematic approach to mastering the art of the hustle.

It takes into consideration that sales professionals can increase their bottom-line contribution when they understand that hustle is the product of a sustained purpose.

Sustaining purpose to achieve sales objectives is critical because a sales career can be like a monster with multiple arms that includes:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Networking
  • Brand management

Unlike many professions, each arm can create opportunities for keeping the sales professional stuck in meeting sales objectives. As a result, the sales cycle can seem like a juggling act in a circus which requires a high degree of hustle.

If sales professionals desire to remain competitive in a customer-driven world, they must master skills on how to transform their hustle into an action-plan.

Breakthrough sales

Breakthrough Sales Coaching is where conviction and motivation collide to transform sales activity into high-yield, profit-producing channels. It takes into consideration that sales performance is a matter of the heart, which is important in a data-driven career.

Heart matter is the unique element that separates top producers from low performers. Unfortunately, many sales professionals are unskilled in building a framework where heart matter drives business data. As a result, they struggle to achieve breakthrough sales and remain stuck in their sales career.

Breakthrough Sales Coaching is designed to help sales professionals remove the mystic around the art of the hustle. No longer will hustle remain a black box in which value is understood without an action-plan to put the perceived value in motion.

 We weren’t in business:

It took us years of trial and error to realize that we weren’t in business until we discovered our purpose to be in business.

Our education in the purpose of our business was the least expensive, but most valuable educations we received as business owners. It allowed us to unlock the hidden profit potential in our business to drive sales in all of our business models.

We are excited to share our well over 25 years and 15,000 plus hours of mastering purpose-oriented solutions for breakthrough sales. Stop the madness of trying to hustle without an action-plan to map our your hustle. Maybe you are a sales manager or director trying to figure out how to supercharge your sales team to hustle to meet bottom-line goals. No longer will you have to give them hustle direction without a blueprint to drive business data with heart matter! 

In the words of Rilla Delorier, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Suntrust Bank, “Purpose drives profits. Meaning makes money. Companies have souls. The challenge is to find that soul, define that purpose, and begin leading your organization with this as the core of everything”.

Let us help you transform the purpose secrets that big corporations use to drive their bottom-line profits, into an action-plan for increasing sales.

Your coaching includes

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or sales professional, Breakthrough Sales Coaching is for you. Sales is the vehicle that put food on your table, and you must master skills to drive your performance for breakthrough sales.

Your virtual coaching will include:

  • A personal Sales Purpose IQ™ Analysis to see where you stand in using purpose as a resource for driving sales performance. Your analysis takes into consideration that you cannot change what you cannot measure. If you are going to create new patterns of purpose for driving sales, you must be savvy in determining the role that purpose plays in helping you drive business data with heart matter.
  • A Breakthrough Sales Planner with thought-provoking exercises to help you create an action-plan to road map your hustle.
  • Access to highly motivational audio to take your action-plan and transform sales, marketing, customer service, networking, and brand management into high-yield Contribution Channels™.
  • Three months of email support to ensure you are on track for creating new patterns of purpose to achieve your sales goals.
  • A 30 day Heart Matter Analysis to monitor your progress in ramping up your hustle.
  • A 60 day Performance Analysis that lead to Purpose Accountability™ for achieving sales goals.

There are a ton of sales resources on the market, but none to help you take the most fundamental force in life and transform it into building a case for making your sales goals a reality. 

$4000 of Breakthrough Coaching strategies for only


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