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Guaranteed to be the most insightful book you will read on finding life’s purpose!

By50 3D PICDid you know that your life consist of two half’s, and the degree of purpose in the first-half will determine the degree of success in the second-half of your life?

If you:

  • Are tired of looking for the real you in all the wrong places
  • Are serious about leaving your mark in the world
  • Desire to know the driving force behind your potential
  • Desire to know how to transform life-skills into Purpose Skills
  • Desire to know how to supercharge your ability to achieve
  • Desire to have more control over the value you bring as a person and as a professional
  • Desire to escape the rat-race of chasing your passion to find your purpose

By 50 is for you!

Regardless of your age, this 54 page book is a real life story that is packed with wisdom to help you rethink the way you leave your mark in the world.

FREE “Why Are You Here?” Audio Download

Purpose is the game of champions and you are here to master skills on how to play this game with a greater purpose. Discover how to get in the game with this highly inspirational audio by the Master Purpose Development Coach himself – Mr. Donald Jenkins.

Discover how to:

  • … answer the the Big 3 Purpose Questions
  • … transform your birthday into a celebration of purpose
  • … see yourself beyond the accidents of life
  • … add value to the people you know by meeting the real you

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