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MeaningfulMenPICThe original intent for men was to become the Cornerstone of Purpose for creation. Unfortunately men are abandoning their role by the masses in pursuit to feed their appetite for power. As a result, the purpose of the family unit is being torn to pieces, and the world is in desperate need for men who are skilled in rewriting the codes for finding life’s purpose.

After 20,000 plus hours of mastering purpose-oriented, human development, and growth strategies, Master Coach Donald Jenkins has identified four must have skills for men in the twenty-first century.

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From marketable to meaningful: 

Did you know that your appetite for purpose will contribute more toward your success than any formal education you have? Higher education will make you marketable, but comes up short in making you meaningful.

Being a member of the Achievers Club will help you remain relevant in a time when the relevancy of men is being challenged. Now you can receive the best in purpose-oriented, human development, and growth strategies, anywhere and at anytime.

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Four Basic Skills Overview:

It’s important to remember that you will struggle to fulfill your role as a man if you cannot determine what role purpose will play in your manhood. Determining the role that purpose plays in your life doesn’t have anything to do with your formal education, but it has everything to do with raising your Purpose IQ. Investing in these skills is guaranteed to be the least expensive, but most valuable educations you will receive.

MenPurposeIQAssessmentPICStop delaying and start raising your Purpose IQ with this powerful assessment for men. See where you stand on using purpose as a resource for being a man in the twenty-first century.

After you have measured your Purpose IQ, get started on developing skills that will inspire you to leave your mark in the world!

Showcase your commitment to contribute toward your success with a signed Achievers Club certificate after you complete all four courses.

The P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Board Coaching System: Purpose is the primary source for achievement and if you are going to achieve anything significant as a man, you must begin with purpose. Vision boards are great in capturing your extraordinary vision, but inadequate in transforming your vision into an extraordinary purpose. Supercharge your ability to achieve with your P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Board Coaching System.


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Purpose-Fit Bible: The Bible is the number one best selling book on purpose, but people are still slipping into a purposeless abyss. Discover what it means to undergo an extreme Bible study makeover so you can ignite the flames of purpose for leaving your mark in the world.



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Repurposing Your Speaking Skills: One of the most powerful skills you can develop does not have anything to do with what you do with your hands and feet. It’s becoming a voice that can speak to the purpose of our generation. Discover how to master skills on using your voice to affect change.


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Purpose Plan Coaching System:  One of the most important resources for an entrepreneur is not capital, it’s understanding how to use purpose as a resource to grow their business. Money can’t buy you purpose, but purpose can position you to make more money. Discover how to optimize your business idea for purpose with the Purpose Plan Coaching System.


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Mandevelopment: The Mandevelopment course empowers men with insight on how to determine what role will purpose play in mentoring young men. This course is the golden key to helping you develop a strategic plan to empower adolescent males with skills on how to use purpose to build a bridge for their future. Coming Soon! 


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