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If you are a seasoned Life Coach or an aspiring coach, listen to Audio #1 to discover the difference between Purpose Development Coaching and Life Coaching.

If you are a ministry leader and want to discover an advanced coaching skill to affect change in ministry, listen to Audio #2.

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Moving the needle of purpose

The optimal path for achievement is moving the needle for purpose. Harvard Business Expert, Nikos Moukogiannis stated, “Purpose is the primary source for achievement”. His statement pushes coaching professionals to master skills to help clients rewrite the codes for finding life’s purpose.

DJ-MPDCPICIf you are thinking about investing in a coaching program, let me show you how to get the most out of your investment by becoming a Certified Purpose Development Coach.

This advance coaching skill is the key to helping clients move the needle of purpose for better results in personal and professional achievement.


Advanced Coaching Skill

Purpose Development™ Coaching is an advanced coaching skill designed to help clients use purpose to optimize their life for success. It takes into account that personal and professional success requires Purpose Capital™. This is the ability to drive achievement through meaningful existence and performance, and is the game-changer when it comes to moving the needle of purpose for achievement.

Our coaches realize that in order to help clients get the most out of their investment, they must help them live in the Green Zone. (See chart below)PurposeZones2Our coaches take into consideration that when Purpose Capital™ is high, the achievement level will be high. They are a new breed of coaches who are skilled in helping clients harvest the energy of purpose to affect change. Their clients realize that the road to success is more sophisticated than goal-setting strategies. Purpose Development™ Coaching clients are able to employ the best purpose-oriented, human development, and growth strategies to achieve their dreams and optimize their life for a greater purpose. Don’t settle for leaving your clients in the Red and Yellow Zone!!!

Build a practice that can stand out

Bill Gates stated in a recent TED Talk, “Everyone needs a coach”. His statement reflects the rise of the coaching industry which has produced an army of coaches who are vying for the attention of clients.

Without warning, the coaching industry has shifted to who can give clients the most results for the best value. Purpose Development™  Coaching takes into consideration that results begins with purpose, and value ends with results. It’s the only coaching program that train individuals in purpose-oriented solutions for achieving dreams, which increases the value to results ratio. In other words, your clients will be more inclined to pay for your services based on the results you are qualified to deliver. As a result, you will be able to stand out in an already crowded industry!

Our coaches are our biggest fans:



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* Note: Payments are non-refundable and include all materials and shipping cost. The three payment option includes a 15% maintenance change.

My Goal:

Seven years ago, Purpose Development Coaching made its way on the coaching scene as a solution for helping individuals explore the sophistication of purpose. Over time, it was expanded to include unique system and strategies that separated this level of coaching from traditional coaching. It’s currently undergoing a major revamp to accommodate for the new models of understanding the subject of purpose.

The world is in a meaning crisis and my goal is to help inspire a new breed of coaches who can accurately speak to the purpose of a generation. Our coaches understand that the human soul is the seat of appetites and effective coaching requires systems and strategies to help individuals feed their appetite for purpose. This process will allow them to emerge as a New Breed of Achievers who are skilled in harvesting the energy of purpose for achievement.

You will receive:

  • A 235 page certification workbook that prepares you for Existence and Performance coaching. It’s designed to help you master new models of understanding by using clozed passages to develop fluency for the Purpose Development Coaching process.
  • A 72 page “How to Coach a Client” workbook to help you translate your new models of understanding into practical applications for coaching a client.
  • 23 audio CD’s to guide you through the certification process where I personally disclose the secrets from 15,000 plus hours of mastering purpose.



Audio training:

  1. Introduction to New Breed of Achievers
  2. Introduction to Purpose Development Coaching
  3. Session 1 – Master 101
  4. Session 2 – Pioneering 101
  5. Session 3 – Goals 101
  6. Session 4 – Four Spectrum’s of Human Existence
  7. Session 5 – Understanding the Purpose Development Strategy
  8. Session 6 – Strategic Planning with Purpose Development
  9. Session 7 – Intelligent Design in Crisis
  10. Session 8 – Restoring the Foundation of Intelligent Design
  11. Session 9 – Developing an Inspiring Performance
  12. Session 10 – Inspiration Unlimited
  13. Session 11 – What is Purpose Development Coaching
  14. Session 12 – The Jethro Coaching Model
  15. Session 13 – Secrets of the Throne
  16. Session 14 – Restoring the P.U.R.P.O.S.E Brand Part 1
  17. Session 14 – Restoring the P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Brand Par 2
  18. Part 1 How to Coach a Client
  19. Part 2 How to Coach a Client
  20. Part 3 How to Coach a Client (Bonus)
  21. Part 4 How to Coach a Client (Bonus)
  22. Part 5 How to Coach a Client (Bonus)
  23. Part 6 How to Coach a Client (Bonus)

A practice that affect change:

There are many coaching programs on the market that range from a few hundred dollars to five thousand dollars. Nothing prepares your to affect change like Purpose Development™ Coaching. Change beget change and becoming a Certified Purpose Development™ Coach is guaranteed to affect change within you as an individual. As a result, your personal transformation will position your practice to affect change within your clients by delivering a value that’s hard to duplicate with traditional coaching.

Invest in your purpose today and position your practice to help others unlock the most powerful resource known to humanity!!!

1 Payment                                                    3 Payment