Parental Advice

Warning labels are fire alarms that alert parents to content that could potentially damage the character of their child. Labels appear on media materials from CDs, DVDs, Games, etc. Introduced back in 1985, warning labels provides accountability between parents and the entertainment industry. However, there’s a bigger threat that parents ignore on a regular basis!

Moving A Generation Forward

Nichelle Nichols is a legendary African American actress who played the role of Lieutenant Uhura on the hit T.V. show Star Trek. She stated, “Science is not a boy’s game, it’s not a girls game. It’s everyone’s game. It’s about where we are and where we’re going”. Her role was not only a breakthrough for African Americans on T.V., but she represented the entire female population in the race for S.T.E.M. related careers. In fact, her statement captures the heartbeat of America and its quest to encourage youth to prepare for careers in science and innovation. A noble goal indeed, but we cannot ignore the fact that America might be a leader in innovation, but falling behind in advancing the human soul to improve our society.

Why Dogs Don’t Have Cell Phones

Cell phones have become a staple in our society, and it’s hard to imagine how we survived without them. Communications giant Ericsson reported that there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users by 2020, which is almost the number of people on the planet. In a few short years, our ability to communicate anywhere on the planet has increased dramatically, but our willingness to communicate remains years behind the technology curve. In other words, we have more access to people, but mobile technology has simply become an avenue that reveals how much we have lost respect for the purpose of people.

Find Your Meta Purpose Part 1

With over seven billion people on the planet, we all have a hunger to find more purpose in life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal or professional endeavor; purpose is the invisible gold that causes us to perform worthwhile activity. It’s the symphony of the human spirit that causes the human race to move in harmony, but somehow the human orchestra continues to play different sheets of music. What suppose to sound like music to our ears sounds like a composition from hell.


Before STAR WARS gave us the notion that a cosmic struggle between good and evil could rage in the deep regions of space, the battle between good and evil was raging deep within the human soul. Well before STAR WARS hit the silver screen, DIRT WARS was building its cast for one of the biggest war movies the world has ever seen. Like STAR WARS, this war has appeared on the silver screen time-and-time again. However, unlike the cyber fantasies of Hollywood, the reality of DIRT WARS claims real life casualties on a daily basis.


Throughout history, men have struggled with their ego! Regardless of how many recorded failures of men who used their ego to feed their appetite for power, EGOMANIA remains the number one threat for men in the twenty-first century. The battle rages from the home-front, community, marketplace, and even ministry. From corporate board rooms to behind prison walls, men are driven by an insatiable passion to stand out for what they do.

The Purpose Behind the Sale

Sales is one of the toughest professions in the world. When there’s a dip in a market, sales is the first reflection of consumer confidence, which make sales professionals the front-line troops to absorb the blows from market changes. If sales professionals are not influenced by a greater purpose, they will have a difficult time navigating the turbulent waters of a sales career. As a result, their income will experience lean times because their heart is lean on purpose. Unfortunately, when the heart of a sale’s professional is lean on purpose, it will undermine their ability to hustle.

When Men Become Irrelevant to Women

Tune in to any radio station and you will find aggrandizing lyrics by female artist that speaks directly to the purpose of a woman. Women all over the world have grown less and less tolerable of men who cannot speak to their purpose. By default, they are tapping into their inner champion in order to rise to new heights in leaving their mark in the world. If men fail to develop new skills for manhood, their relevancy will continue to be threatened on every turn.

Transforming ordinary goals into an extraordinary purpose

Can you believe another year is about to escape into the annals of time? It seems like yesterday we were welcoming 2015 and today packing its bags for the grand departure. Perhaps you had an extraordinary year, or maybe it was ordinary and you can’t wait for 12:01 a.m. January 1st, 2016? Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of achievement, the reality is that 2016 is knocking on the door of your dreams and it’s screaming, ready or not here I come. If there’s any consolation about the end of every year, we should be thankful that we have an opportunity to reflect on our goals to see what we’ve accomplished for the year. However, the last thing we desire to do is remain stuck in a cycle of extraordinary expectations with ordinary achievements.

Freeing the Egyptian Slaves in America

For years, America has been a beacon of hope for people around the world. It has been viewed as the land of opportunity where dreams are made a reality. Stories abound where people from all over the world have crossed our borders with nothing, and transformed their personal net-worth into a legacy for their family. America is one of the only nations where Jews have been able to find a safe haven without persecution. What’s amazing about our great country is that even though Jews and all ethnic groups have prospered tremendously in America, we have managed to become the number one nation in producing Egyptian Slaves!